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DVM S unit offers multiple benefits to Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

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Building the most advanced Children’s Hospital in Africa required state-of-the-art airconditioning. Spoormaker & Partners, consulting engineers specialising in airconditioning systems for large projects, selected Samsung’s DVM S system. Airgro (Pty) Ltd was the company chosen to carry out the installation. A prime benefit of the system is its top class energy efficiency coupled with Samsung’s Heat Recovery system, ensuring maximum savings on electricity. An additional benefit is that the DVM S outdoor unit is directly connected to a thirdparty AHU (Air Handling Unit), used to provide surgically clean air for theatres, while the use of Hydro units generates hot water for the various hospital blocks using the refrigerant system. The result is a fully-integrated energy efficient system.

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Specifying HVAC for a maternity hospital obviously carries strict requirements. Air quality is of prime importance as is individual temperature control of various areas. Cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency are also at the forefront of requirements. For a new 4-floor maternity wing at Lakeview Hospital in Boksburg, another prerequisite was that there were to be no outdoor condensers spoiling the aesthetics of the building. Samsung’s DVM S was the system specified by Green Planet Engineering Services, to fully comply with the above requirements. Fourways worked closely with Curries Airconditioning who installed the system. A total of 7 outdoor DVM S units were located out of sight on the roof; total cooling capacity being 292kW (cooling) and 328.8kW (heating). A central Touch Controller was used for overall management by the Head Matron. 67 indoor units, mainly mini 4-way cassettes and slim ducts with HEPA filters, ensured maximum air cleanliness and precise localised temperature control.

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